Whether you’re in the middle of a Facebook ad buy right now, or you’re considering it as a paid marketing platform in the future, we’ve got four solid reasons why you should consider making this an ongoing effort.

Targeting Options

Facebook not only helps you reach people who have interacted with your brand in the past, but they also help you branch out to others with similar interests as well. Traditionally, this was a challenging task and one that involved intensive demographic research on the part of the marketing specialist. Facebook’s targeting options deliver up ads to different audiences depending upon your specified metrics. Best of all is that Facebook’s ability to retarget those same people for repeat ad placement makes it one of the more effective means of marketing products online because it makes sure that your campaign is in front of relevant customers.


When you talk about global audiences, few platforms have Facebook’s reach across nearly all demographics. This could be overwhelming if not managed correctly. Luckily for you, Facebook offers three essential audience functions: marketing to your people (people who have liked/followed your page), a custom demographic, or a mirrored demographic that pulls in people with similar behavior to those that have engaged with you in the past. That’s huge – especially from a marketing standpoint where each audience presents unique opportunities.


In terms of honing your campaign over time, Facebook’s data and analytics provide you with the depth necessary to make these decisions with confidence and some forward-looking strategy as well. For example, you can utilize an audience’s range of data points, similar audiences, and aspirational demographics to create cutting-edge campaigns that deliver on target objectives. Further, marketing innovation and list segmentation can be more broadly pursued.

The Broader Ecosystem

When you advertise on Facebook, you are allowed to place advertisements on its sister platform, Instagram. This visually-based social media portal is moving hard into eCommerce these days and is one of the go-to apps for many younger demographics. Beyond that, learning how to use video and imagery on Instagram effectively could have spillover effects for your Facebook advertising campaign, with each informing the other to help you further refine your strategy.

Med Spa Marketing

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