ADA Compliance For Your Website And Why It Matters

Litigation from lack of ADA compliance can happen, and sites, especially sites in the medical fields (medical spas included), should be especially concerned about such problems. While ADA compliance might be complex at first glance, with some effort and proper coding, it can be achieved, thus expanding potential audiences and, as a result, customers. Besides […]

The Importance of Quality Social Media Posts for Medical Spas

As a medical spa owner or manager, you understand the importance of good content. After all, without quality content, your website would be nothing more than a digital business card. The same is true of your social media accounts. Your social media content is what will help you attract and engage new clients. If it’s […]

What Is PPC & How Does It Work?

Pay-per-click marketing is a form of paid marketing that places ads online. Such ads only cost the user money if the ads are clicked, hence the term. Google Ads and their supporting platform is the largest market for such ads. The platform allows users to track ads’ effectiveness and cost by limiting advertisements’ expenses to […]

How To Use Google Calendar To Boost Your Businesses Productivity And Organization

Multiple Calendars One handy feature is the ability to set up different calendars. A calendar for work duties, crews, groups, or teams can help everyone keep track of their deadlines, ensuring better communication and coordination. The ability to create separate calendars not only helps keep everything balanced, but it’s also great for tracking due dates […]

Marketing Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

Tracking To properly track marketing data, metrics are needed to keep it organized. Paid metric tracking, like conversion metrics, is beneficial. These metrics track clicks on ads that become customers, a vital tool for determining which ads are effective. Return on ad spending follows the dollar value of advertising expenditures and is a critical tool […]

Is Advertising Your Spa On Facebook Worth

Whether you’re in the middle of a Facebook ad buy right now, or you’re considering it as a paid marketing platform in the future, we’ve got four solid reasons why you should consider making this an ongoing effort. Targeting Options Facebook not only helps you reach people who have interacted with your brand in the […]

Why Do You Need to Cover All Areas of Marketing?

Why Marketing? Marketing involves different aspects of selling a company’s products and services. That’s why business owners must cover all areas of marketing to ensure that they get close to potential customers. While advertising is a popular marketing strategy, it is essential to conduct in-depth consumer research to know what potential customers need. Product design […]

5 Key Tips for Medical Spa Marketing

Push And Support Your Brand Brand reputation is one of the most important considerations for your business. You must continuously build your brand image and awareness. So, meet with your marketing team and find new strategies to push and support your brand. Set realistic expectations and a system to quantify results. Abandon campaigns that don’t […]

5 Common Medical Spa Marketing Mistakes

Effective Employees Not having the right employees will make any boss’s job more difficult. For example, a subpar secretary or graphic designer can seriously hamper marketing, not to mention the spa’s efficiency. Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to neglect their marketing personnel, but they are crucial to getting new clients and retaining current ones. Business […]

Social Media Marketing Tips for Medical Spa

Focus Your Efforts As tempting as it may be to spread out over as many social media platforms as possible, marketers should focus on one or two platforms to better direct resources and attention. To select the best platforms, research which sites the targeted customer base visits frequently. This information will help focus resources where […]