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We are experts at elevating a practice’s search profile through targeted SEO campaigns that are ROI-oriented. Our advanced techniques help you achieve and maintain a search ranking commensurate with your practice’s reputation.

Best Medical SEO Companies

We get asked all the time, “how do you get your websites to rank so high in the search engines?” SEO is a combination of art and science and our SEO experts have years of experience understanding what works with the ever evolving algorithms of Google, Yahoo & Bing.
Optimizing for the right local keywords when people in your area search for a dentist, Med SPA or etc, can pay big dividends for your practice.

Advance Keyword Research

Harness the power of search engine optimization to increase your visibility and attract more customers. Doctor Geeks has decades of experience in healthcare SEO, craftily optimizing for invaluable keywords that can deliver significant returns on investment. Unlock our team's expertise today!

Improve Online Visibility

Helping your medical practice reach its full potential requires a carefully crafted, strategic approach - and that’s where we come in. Our team of experts are experienced in optimizing and managing provider profiles across the web on platforms like Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp and more. We know how to make sure local customers find you online when they need it most!

Integrated Approach SEO

To ensure your practice's success and maximize patient conversion, our medical SEO campaigns take a holistic approach. We don't just get you website visitors: we craft an integrated strategy that considers how all of your marketing initiatives work together to provide the big-picture vision for long-term results.

Track SEO Performance

Doctor Geeks empowers collaboration with total transparency. By leveraging our SEO Performance panel, you can obtain real-time intelligence on keywords and Google search result rankings to accurately assess the value of your digital marketing ROI.


If you can give us 20-30 minutes, we’ll uncover opportunities to get you more patients online.