Pay-per-click marketing is a form of paid marketing that places ads online. Such ads only cost the user money if the ads are clicked, hence the term. Google Ads and their supporting platform is the largest market for such ads. The platform allows users to track ads’ effectiveness and cost by limiting advertisements’ expenses to specific amounts. It can also monitor ads over various devices, such as phones and laptops.

More Clicks, Higher Cost

PPC is something of a double-edged sword. The more successful an ad, the more said ad costs the poster. Still, PPC ads are often worth the investment due to the proven traffic increase that converts into customers from such ads.

PPC Benefits

Besides the proven traffic, PPC has other benefits as well. The platforms that PPC is measured through allow people to have a great deal of control over their ads across multiple devices, giving them a chance to tune their efforts as needed to generate traffic. This process makes the costs of PPC worth the effort as long as the ads themselves are compelling. As with most paid marketing campaigns, correctly thought out and created ads need to be used to be effective.


Furthermore, the ads’ analytics are easy to track and can be seen the moment the ad is released. Tracking the ads’ effectiveness can occur in real-time or with only a slight delay, depending on the platform. This quick analysis allows adjusting paid marketing to various marketing factors, such as device used and times of day when the ads are clicked.

Compelling Ads

PPC doesn’t have to be a gamble. With compelling ads and the right platform, paid marketing can make PPC ads effective. Effective ads mean more customers or clients for a business, making money spent worth the risks. Ads and clicks cost money, but if they generate revenue, the expense is worth the cost. Take a look into PPC and see if it’s worth the gamble to increase business.

Med Spa Marketing

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